How to Improve Time Management

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How to Improve Time Management

How to Improve Time Management

It is frequent that the entrepreneurs within the schedule of their work day need to solve problems, to make arrangements at the bank, to pay taxes, and even to attend to personal needs that require physical presence such as a visit to the doctor, pick up the children of the school, etc. These activities are inevitable, however beyond them we must know how to correctly invest the working hours in projects, attend and get new customers and get more sales opportunities.

The companies require a lot of attention, dedication and time, and of their correct administration depends in many cases that it develops successfully or in the opposite that ends up by failure by a bad time management.

If you do not learn to manage your time correctly in activities that help to grow the volume of business then it will end up shoring and sinking. The two most important mistakes are:

– Lack of work plan.
– Lack of focus.

In addition there are also other very frequent errors that annihilate and destroy the companies:

– Lack of self-discipline.
– Lack of priorities.
– Lack of skills, knowledge or expertise in the niche market that is directed.
– Ambiguous or unclear objectives.
– Not clearly establish the competencies that each employee should have.

To optimize and make better use of the time you need to dedicate to your business activity, the first thing you should do is to avoid “losing focus”, losing focus on priorities is one of the main problems many companies have, for this The first recommendation is to use a “Marketing Action Plan”.

It is basically a work agenda, which is a permanent reminder of the activities that you must prioritize within your organization, which will help you to plan and maintain “focus” on what is really productive and important for increasing sales of your business.

In order to improve the time management of the working day that you need to dedicate to your business, follow the following recommendations:

1. Write a “Marketing Action Plan”.
If you do not establish a sequence of activities that you must prioritize, you are making a serious mistake. Write, print, and place the marketing action plan in front of your desk. Every day before starting your work day you must review and follow the daily work plan outlined at each point of this document. Your marketing action plan is your daily schedule of work and will help you stay focused. To carry out this work plan you must do the following:

      • – Establish a monthly work plan.
      • – Divide the month into 4 weeks.
      • – Establish a specific weekly task plan.
      • – Establish a common weekly task plan.
      • – Divide tasks to be done daily.

Once you have organized how you will invest your time in the activities of the company, you should also:

a) Control the time you have established in your work plan.
To better manage and control the time you have set in your marketing action plan, I recommend that you use a clock/timer to control the actual time you spend on your scheduled tasks, so you can set and control working time and breaks For rest, this will help you avoid stress and dead time.

At the end of the day you will be able to determine the real time you spent working the day of your company and if you really manage and use that time and the hours you effectively invested to get the execution of your daily plan of work.

b) Plan meetings and appointments.
You should plan all meetings and business appointments for this:
– Set the purpose of the appointment or meeting.
– Define and the time that you dedicate and be faithful to him.

c) Prioritize new projects and pending issues.
Classify them in:
New projects or pending activities to be carried out:
1) Urgent and important.
2) Important but not urgent.

2. Do not “lose focus”.
In order to avoid distractions and stay focused on the issues that are really important for your company you must make good use of the time that you will dedicate to it, to follow the following recommendations:

a) Make good use of the phone.
– Before you call, plan the conversation.
– Filter and group pending calls and try to set a predetermined time for each of them.
– Control the conversation, if it spreads unnecessarily, look for excuses to cut it.
– Set periods of time where you will not receive calls, except in an emergency.

b) Management of postal and electronic mail.
– Think before writing what you want to express in words.
– Use simple, easy-to-understand words when writing.
– Use clear, concise and concrete language in response.
– You can even write answers to letters by jotting them out and sending them back.
– Spend less time writing and using your phone more to respond to mail.
– When it is necessary to leave certain points in writing, you should use more email than telephone conversations.

c) Avoid interruptions.
– Contemplate a daily time for unexpected visitors and interruptions.
– Do not allow “some” unexpected visitors to sit down.
– Keep visitors out of your office as much as possible.
– Do not help prolong unnecessary conversations.
– Contemplate a small time frame for “unforeseen”.

d) Business meetings.
– Plan the central theme or objective of all meetings, set a time limit and stick to it.
– Avoid unnecessary meetings, a good way to define it is to ask yourself several questions like:
           a) Could a telephone conversation achieve the same effect?
           b) Is my presence necessary at the meeting or can I delegate it?
– Prepare and control the meeting, resist the interruptions, and in case of deviations, return the topic.
– Do not contribute to unnecessary conversations.

3. “ALWAYS plan” for next day.
You must dedicate every day an exclusive margin of time at the end of your daily work day. This time will be spent in reviewing and if necessary adjusting the daily plan of work outlined in your marketing action plan, with the tasks to be performed the next day.

It is very important that you learn to “do not lose focus” and to focus on activities that are really important to your business. To achieve this, you need to be self-disciplined and properly manage the time you spend with your company. I encourage you to start right now. Write your marketing action plan and follow it to the letter, you can improve productivity and help you to get new business opportunities. Omar Jareno.


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Omar Jareno is a SEO specialist in London with more than thirteen (13) years of experience in online store design and development with the support of a multidisciplinary team of Professionals from the UK. If you need help with SEO, web design, social media marketing, email marketing strategies, or content development to successfully take your business to the internet, contact him through this website.

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