How to Optimize Your SEO Strategies

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How to Optimize Your SEO Strategies

How to Optimize Your SEO Strategies

There have been many changes in search engine optimization over the last few years, despite all these modifications that have been in Google and other search engines, many of the things you have to do to get and improve the ranking remain the same as today.

However, you must be extremely careful, you need to be up to date on the latest SEO tactics, because some of the strategies that worked well in the past to get the top positions in the search engines can currently seriously damage your chances of improving the ranking.

Something that has not changed to this day, is that both Google and other search engines are wanting to give users what they are looking for.

Now more than ever, it is vital for your internet business to give users what they need and are looking for, bearing in mind this fundamental goal to be successful in search engine optimization, you will need to take into account 3 key strategies to optimize and improve your SEO.

3 Keys Strategies to Optimizing Your SEO.

  1. Old strategies and tricks you should avoid today.
  2. Old strategies that continue to work well today.
  3. New SEO strategies that you should use today.

 1. Old Strategies and Tricks You Should Avoid Today.

A. Quality backlinks, Not Quantity.
Before, it worked very well to get a lot of links, from any website with the keywords in the Anchor Text, to achieve the best rankings. Many SEO companies are still using this strategy but it does more harm than good. Today for Google is more important the quality of links than quantity. For this reason it is much better to get 1 link of very relevant quality than 1000 links of low quality.

B. Keyword Spam in Content.
Keyword spam is another trick that worked well in the past, but now you have to discard it. Before was used again and again the same keyword within the content of a post to give it relevance, but Google is now more intelligent and does not see anything well this old trick, so now you must be careful and not abuse the keywords within the content of a post.

2. Old Strategies That Continue to Work Well Today.

A. Keywords in the Anchor Text.
In 98% of cases, the relevant keywords in the anchor Text (its title tag) still work very well. However you must keep in mind that they must be keywords that do not have a very high level of competence, The general rule is that fewer than 3 sites that are on the first page of Google contain the exact keyword in your title, however, the exception to this rule is for some extremely competitive and short keywords (such as diet or loss of weight) where Google looks at more factors and is smart enough to know about other relevant search terms they are probably looking for.

B. Keywords in The Content.
You should continue to use the relevant keywords in all the content you develop, but remember, you should never spam keywords in content. For this trick to be effective, the use of keywords within the content must be read in a natural way, the rule is to use the keyword one or at most two times within the content.

C. Other Keyword Uses.
The use of keywords continue to work very well in the following cases:

– The keywords in the alt tags of the image help in positioning especially in the cases of e-commerce stores where people first see what they are looking to buy.
– Keywords in titles or subtitles.
– Keywords contained in the domain or URL.

3. New SEO Strategies That You Should Use Today.

A. Catchy Title Tags.
A new strategy that is working very well is to choose for the title of the publication or blog article, keywords that in addition to being friendly are catchy so they wake up and catch the attention for people to click on it. By being more friendly and catchy people will click on it, this will help increase your ranking and upload it in the Google rankings. For example if your post or post begins in the ranking in the 7th position, but the catchy title gets attention and get many clicks, Google will move its positioning up. On the other hand, if you get the first position, that is the number 1 but your publication just gets clicks, Google will move it down so that it will lose positioning quickly.

B. Permanence of Visits On The Website.
If there is something that is becoming more important in the last few years for SEO, it is how long someone stays in their site and what they do. If someone clicks on your site and stays on it for a decent time, that tells Google that chances are they found what they were looking for. On the contrary, if the visitors you get through Google, they click on your site but immediately go to another website, which tells Google is that they did not find what they were looking for, this will make your website lose relevance So it will lose rankings in the ranking of Google.

One trick to improve the length of stay of your visitors and improve relevance for Google is to put internal links in your content such as articles, publications, videos, etc. Internal links is a basic SEO technique that works very well and you have to use always, to transmit the internal Link Juice, also give consistency to the content strategy and allows readers to go deeper into different topics, but only uses these internal links with a lot of common sense and as long as they add value to the content.

Also inviting your visitors to comment will increase the time spent on your website and prove to Google that it is a popular and interesting site for visitors.

C. Use Sitemaps and Schemas.
Using sitemaps will help searchers learn more about your website. A sitemap is like a table of contents that helps Google so that they can more easily see all the pages of your web. The schemas also give more information to Google, such as about your work schedule or products. Sitemaps and layouts give Google more information so you can give that information to your visitors, which will help you improve your ranking.

D. Switch Your Website to https.
For Google it is important that visitors data is secure, so it is very important to have an SSL certificate because it will be considered a positive ranking factor. Change your site from http to https to safeguard the connections, information and other details on your website, because search engines like Google prefer safe websites.

E. Use Social Networks.
The role of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is increasingly important to get more relevant backlinks to improve ranking in SEO positioning. Sharing useful content on social media will help to get web users attention that would eventually increase the chance of gaining more quality links. As more people talk, share, or comment on social media on your website, Google will see it as a value-driven site that will help you to get up the rankings. Share your content from social networks, remember to make catchy titles so you are more likely to click on them. Generating controversy within social networks will get you many opinions which will help you to viralize the content and give more value to your links.

Now that you know the new ones and also the old SEO strategies that still work today, get them started and use them. Avoid and eliminate those that no longer serve and on the contrary can seriously damage the ranking in Google. Today as yesterday, it is vital to your business on the internet, give users what they need and are looking for and these 3 key strategies to optimize and improve the search engine optimization of your website, will help you achieve it. Omar Jareno.


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Omar Jareno is a SEO specialist in London with more than thirteen (13) years of experience in online store design and development with the support of a multidisciplinary team of Professionals from the UK. If you need help with SEO, web design, social media marketing, email marketing strategies, or content development to successfully take your business to the internet, contact him through this website.

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