How to Write Free Reports

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How to Write Free Reports

How to Write Free Reports

Giving away a short free report (5-20 pages) is one of the best ways to catch visitors to your website and potential customers from your target market. With reports you will provide them with high value content and the best, will help your business build list of email subscribers to generate revenue. If you hit on the right topic, you can write your free report in a few hours and you will be able to attract visitors to your lists for years to come.

What exactly is a Free Report?

A digital report, or better known as a “Free Report”, is a free source of useful and relevant information for your prospects, which can range from five to twenty pages.

Digital reports can be used as a “hook” to motivate your visitors to subscribe to your email list, or can also be used as an “open mouth”, to other content that is higher which is paid, so it should be limited the information that is going to be given, in the latter case it is about giving them information that is useful to readers, but is incomplete.

Here’s an example: suppose you’re going to write a “How to Make a Wedding Party” report. In it, you have to tell your prospects the kind of things they have to do to have an unforgettable wedding party (what to do), but not all the details or the exact way (how to do it).

A good free digital report can also help your internet business generate a lot of qualified traffic and create segmented lists very quickly.

Is it difficult to make Free Reports?, What is the first thing I have to do?

As I have been able to conclude from the many comments I have received in the last few years from my clients and subscribers, most of them do not know how or where to start or have a negative perception of the process leading to the development of a free report.

Below I will offer you the initial initial doubts of my clients and subscribers, how to give them solution to each of them and later the steps that you will need to follow to write your free digital report.

1. I Have Nothing to Say to My Prospects.
This is an absolutely wrong belief. But in case it is true then I assure you that you are in the wrong business. If on the other hand you have correctly chosen your niche market then you are totally passionate about what you do, if so, you are an expert in the business you are in.

Keep in mind that an expert is a person who knows more than others about specific topics, sure that if you is in the right business he is really an expert for his clients and prospects.

If your business is to sell flowers, then, you love the flowers and are passionate about your work, if so, I guarantee that you can speak coherently and expertly with all your customers and prospects about flowers.

2. If I Had Something to Say, I Would Not Know How to Say It Either.
This is another absolutely wrong belief, sure that you like to talk to your customers or prospects, if you can speak consistently and expertly with all of them about the products or services you sell, you just have to make a little effort and learn how to dump your ideas or words in a word processor.

I will tell you two secrets to develop your skills as a writer, the first:

A. Writers are NOT Super Gifted Beings.
Neither I, nor other authors, nor any other people who write, articles, books or reports, nor the copywriters of the industry or sector that they are, we have more gray matter, neither we are mystical beings, nor super endowed with the gift of writing since we were born.

The second secret, it is incredible that it seems something really simple and that surely has overlooked:

B. It is Written, As It is Spoken.
I am convinced that for many authors or experts in their niche market that I am disclosing now will not make them very happy, but this gives me exactly the same.

If you are able to maintain a good conversation and make yourself understood with your clients, then you can intelligently write a free report. You will just have to look for a topic that is really important to the customers in your target market or sector you are targeting and then writing as if you were talking to a real person.

Particularly when I write, I really imagine that I’m talking to someone I know. When I begin this “mental”, “virtual” conversation or whatever you want to call it, words flow by themselves and are easier to understand because they connect with my readers since ideas have come naturally out of my mind.

If you learn to write the same way you speak and engage in an imaginary conversation with your reader, you will be doing it the right way, it is exactly the same technique that I used to write this article that you are reading right now.

3. If I Give Information FREE, In The End They Will Go to The Competition.
Many people think that investing time and effort into a free report to give as a gift to their prospects is a worthless risk because many of them will only “suck” or “absorb” their information as “Dracula” and if they are interested, surely in the end they will leave, they will leave and they will even make purchases in the competition. Do not get nervous, this almost never happens and I’ll explain why:

Most people are lazy in this regard. Many do not want to have to work to get their problems solved. They want someone else to do it for them. The great advantage of giving them information in a free report is this: If you are the expert who has helped you to see things clear, then why a sane person will benefit others (your competition) and give them something of value to them (your money) with which they will feel uncomfortable with themselves and in debt to you?

It is really very difficult for them to act like this, simply because they have acted a psychological trigger known as the rule of reciprocity, “You give me, I give you”, this is how does it work the minds of people.

At this point we have solved the initial doubts to start writing your free digital report, the following is to proceed with the main steps to develop your report.

1. Identify a Problem or A Need.
If you are an expert in the niche market where your business is and you are passionate about your work, then this is perhaps the easiest step in the entire process. To achieve this you can go to your target market forums and look for the most frequent problems or needs that people are having today. The answer at this point is to do a little research.

2. Get The Solution.
If you are an expert in the target market you are targeting, it will be very easy to identify the problems or needs of your readers. But if you do not have enough experience, the solution can also be achieved precisely in the very forums where you have identified those problems or needs. Simply enter the forum and find the answer to what you are looking for.

Now that you have identified the problem or need that will solve your subscribers and have the solution, the next thing you will need to do is start writing your free report. For this you will need to dump your ideas or words into a word processor like Word.

3. Describe The Problem.
Start writing the Free Report, describing the problem. Go through the different questions related to the consequences or negative effects that cause the problem.

4. Offer The Solution.
After describing the details of the problem to be solved, you must now offer the solution and how it will be the person’s life, when the problem is solved. At this point show the positive effects you will get when you solve it.

5. Choose a “Powerfull Title”
Once you have drafted your report you must be very careful with the title that will put you. The title you choose will depend on the success or failure you will get with it. Write a headline that arouses your attention, you must convey in a phrase a powerful message that catches and incites you to read your free report, you must expose that your information is content of very high value for your subscribers. Keep in mind that a powerful title can greatly help increase the perception of the final value that the free digital report will have for its subscribers.

  – How to Learn Business Spanish in Three Weeks.
  – Secrets Revealed To Get Bride.
  – How to Succeed in Job Interviews.

To get an attractive title use sentences, keywords, suggestions or research you have done to create the title that will describe your free report.

6. ALWAYS Keep Their Promise.
You can arbitrarily increase the perception of value and get them to subscribe to your list, but if the report you deliver does not deliver what you promise and your subscriber does not get the value you expect from it, then you will most likely be down of your list and do not go back to your website, my advice is simple: always keep their promise.

7. Check and convert.
Once you have assembled your free digital report, carefully check your spelling. The next step is to convert your Word document to PDF so that it can be delivered and distributed easily.

8. Promote Your Free Report.
Use it as a hook to build the list of subscribers to your website. Promote it also in social networks like Facebook or Twitter. Give others the chance to share it freely or give it away, but you should make it very clear to readers that you can not change or modify content or sell your free report.

Follow my instructions and learn how to write free digital reports, limit the information you give away, this way will engage and engage potential customers in your target market, provide them with high value content and the best, you can build your list of subscribers by email. You can also use them as you open your mouth to other higher paid content, in both cases, it will help you generate revenue for your business. Omar Jareno.

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Omar Jareno is a SEO specialist in London with more than thirteen (13) years of experience in online store design and development with the support of a multidisciplinary team of Professionals from the UK. If you need help with SEO, web design, social media marketing, email marketing strategies, or content development to successfully take your business to the internet, contact him through this website.

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