How to Improve Value Perception and Raise Your Sales

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How to Improve Value Perception and Raise Your Sales

How to Improve Value Perception and Raise Your Sales

Increasing the perception of value of the products or services that sells your business or the articles you publish on your blog to differentiate them and position them above the supply of your competition is crucial to reach the heart, mind and pocket of your buyers In order to get more business opportunities and increase sales.

You know what is most important for your visitors and potential clients of your online business ?

– The price?
– The real value?
– The products or services that your business or SME sells on the internet? or perhaps…
– The perceived value of the articles do you post?

Of the keys to how to improve the perception of value and increase your sales, I am going to speak to you in this article, but before I will clarify some concepts.

What is the price?
It is a cost that is determined by the perceived value offered by a product or service, which a customer is willing to pay for it.

What is real value or effective value?
The actual value or effective value is important, but only in how it is maintained or increases according to the demand, the perceived value. This may sound strange at first, it is true, since the reason for the real value of a product or service is because it is affected by the perception of the value of it, it is that simple.

What is perceived value?
There is no quantifiable way of measuring value as an absolute, it is a very subjective thing that depends on the perception or mental image that is formed by each person and a variety of factors that condition it.

For example, you and another reader and I will not necessarily give the same importance or value to the content of this article, since it naturally depends on whether you have an online business and whether or not you are interested in raising sales, the title will definitely influence In a decisive way in arousing interest in their reading or not.

However, if at the end of reading this post, the title complies or does not promise or expectations that the content will help you to increase sales of your products or services, the final perception or assessment will be less or greater if they were met These expectations, hence the enormous importance in which you fulfill the promises you make to your customers.

What factors affect perception and value?
There are many factors that can affect the perception and value that your visitors and potential customers perceive of the products or services you sell in your business, then I will provide you with eight strategies of differentiation and business positioning that will help you improve the perception of value of them.

1. A problem to solve or a desire to fill.
You have to target the right niche market, with the right message at the right time, if you are in a wrong target market your “customers” will hardly be able to perceive the value of what your business sells. So if you choose the wrong market, whatever your business sells, your “bid” will have no value. 

2. Deliver quickly what your readers and potential customers are looking for.
Visitors and potential customers of your Internet business should immediately find what you are looking for on their website, the well-known Whats Up Here For Me (WUHFM), offering high-value content to visitors to your target audience, for example If your business is about cars, articles on “how to keep them in perfect condition” can be very attractive to them.

 If you offer free and relevant content of high value, your readers will have that same perception of the high quality value of your products or services.

3. A title that arouses interest.
The title is going to be the link that very possibly is the entrance door with which your visitors could arrive at your web page, reason why this should leave to the discovered that its information is content of very high value for its readers.

To get an attractive title use sentences, keywords, suggestions or research you have done to create the title that will describe your article.

Most of your visitors and potential clients will read the title and subtitle and if it attracts your attention then they will do a quick “visual scan” throughout the post, until you reach the end, so if you have a conclusion or a good signature box, as is my case, these will first be read, before deciding whether to read your article completely.

A powerful title can help position an article in the first places of the results of the searches that your visitors make in Google, which will increase the perception of the final value that the post will have for its visitors.

You can arbitrarily increase the perception of value and get someone to click on the title of your article, but if the post you deliver does not deliver what you promise and your visitor does not receive the value you expect from him, then do not wait for that come back to your blog or click back on your articles, my advice is simple: always keep what you promise.

Keep in mind that an attractive headline that arouses interest in reading will not necessarily make your post valuable, that depends entirely on the ability to write and communicate you have.

4. Offer benefits and solutions, not features.
The characteristics do not affect the perceived value of a product or service, instead the benefits that are the problems that will solve, or the wishes that will fill if they affect it, since they serve to be used in your sales letters as psychological triggers that help To their customers to make the purchase decision.

5. It is not the same price as value.
Indeed, it is absolutely true: it is not the same price as value, I am going to put an example, imagine that a butcher sells the kilo of beef for £4.95 and another sells it for £9.95.

What butcher shop would you think you are offering the best meat?
Can the price by itself convince you to buy one meat over the other?

Most people do not move only motivated by the price of an item, but by the value it represents for it, which is why you can change the price and leave the value equal (the perception of quality will not change much for your customers) or you can improve the perceived value which would allow you to differentiate and position yourself clearly above your competitors, which will allow you to modify the price of your product or service upwards.

6. What others say is very important.
A premiere movie that you do not think is relevant, becomes more interesting when four or five of your friends recommend it, the same goes for the products or services, hence the importance of including testimonials related to the satisfaction of their customers.

7. Associations and brand image.
The associations of “quality” and brand image that their clients have affect the perception of value that they have of the rest of their products or services. If your business cares about the needs and keeps customers satisfied, they are more likely to repeat the purchase on your website.

Remember that the most important thing for your small business is to meet the needs or fulfill the wishes of your customers, so it is of the utmost importance for your internet business how they will feel, a month or a year after the purchase, when they can really realize what kind of value their products or services have.

This sense of value will make them return to their site to make a next purchase or become evangelizers by recommending or taking their friends and family to their business.

8. Aesthetic design.
It is an absolutely CRUSHING reality, for good or bad external appearances affect the perception or increase of value, on the internet is very important the presentation, since in a good measure people “eat with their eyes” so my recommendation is to wrap up your products or services with stunning images, this is even more important if what you sell are intangible products.

Whether you post articles on a blog or sell products or services in an online store, most people move motivated by the value they perceive. Differentiation strategies and business positioning will help you connect with the minds of your customers to increase that perceived value and put your offers or promotions above your competitors. Omar Jareno.


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Omar Jareno is a SEO specialist in London with more than thirteen (13) years of experience in online store design and development with the support of a multidisciplinary team of Professionals from the UK. If you need help with SEO, web design, social media marketing, email marketing strategies, or content development to successfully take your business to the internet, contact him through this website.

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