How to Take Advantage of Special Dates

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How to Take Advantage of Special Dates

How to Take Advantage of Special Dates

Throughout the year, businesses and small businesses count on the calendar with certain seasons and special dates they can not be missedas if they were normal days. Your company should take advantage of upcoming special dates to excel the competition, as they are a good opportunity to revitalize and strengthen sales of the business, because the visitors and potential customers have a special predisposition to consumption.

Christmas, Happy New Year, Valentine’s Day, Haloween, Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Free Shipping Day, Hanukkah, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Chinese New Year, Summer Holiday or Birthday are dates that represent a special day for the majority of people who are motivated and want to entertain their loved ones or friends and where the possibilities of sales grow considerably.

Is your business taking advantage of these special dates?

What can marketing do for your business to help you make the most of your special dates, holidays, or times when your willingness to buy increases?

1. First, marketing puts your business closer to your visitors and customers. It shows them that you and your business are still there available to them, even more in times when you need help solving a problem or fulfilling a desire.

2. Secondly, if you do not use marketing to bring more people to your business, you are running a great risk of your visitors and customers forgetting that your company exists. Even many of them might think that they are going through serious economic problems because they have not heard of their business lately.

3. Thirdly, these special dates are a good opportunity to revitalize the sales of your company since the desire and motivation to purchase your visitors and potential customers is at its best moment.

4. Fourth, today the world economy is a major cause of concern, especially for entrepreneurs and small businesses, marketing has never been a more important ally for its survival as it is today. You need and focus your efforts to improve communication with your customers as well as to attract new opportunities.

How to take advantage of the special dates to generate more sales and get your company forward at the moment?

The answer is simple, use the tools that marketing puts within your reach to attract and capture your customers, after all marketing has all the tools they can and will help you get more customers and sales for your company.

In order for your company to take advantage of special dates to the maximum you have to launch a marketing plan. The marketing plan is about a plan of actions that you have to develop to take advantage of these special dates, but it does not have to be a highly technical or sophisticated plan, it just needs to be simple but strategic, at this point what counts most is that Use your common sense so your business can connect emotionally with your customers.

Let’s see below the plan of the actions that you have to develop for your company.

1. Marketing Calendar.
Some months of the year represent holiday or holiday seasons and are an opportunity to generate more sales for businesses, for others the months from October through January are periods that generate more revenue, other businesses rely heavily on holiday sales.

Either way you have to carefully analyze the dates that are an opportunity to increase cash flow for your company. Being prepared will give your organization more advantage, which is why your company needs to take advantage of the seasons that are present throughout the year.

The first step in formulating a simple yet effective plan of action is to develop and plan your marketing calendar, so you should take note of the upcoming chronologically special dates, that is, start from January to December.

Start special dates for New Year, Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Summer Holiday, Haloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, Hanukkah, Free Shipping Day.

At this point of the calendar planning, you must identify and organize the products or services that your business offers in order to use them within your business strategies on these special dates.

2. Email Marketing.
Even today with marketing 2.0 still booming, email marketing and email, because of its low costs, efficiency and immediacy is still a very powerful tool to generate sales. You can send unique special offers and promotions that stand out above your competition, both to convert your subscribers into customers, and to loyalty to loyal customers to turn them into recurring.

If you choose to use this powerful tool, you will need to know how to launch your email marketing campaign as you will need to consider a variety of factors to consider in order for it to be carried out correctly and successful.

3. PPC Promotion Campaigns.
Pay-per-click (PPC) promotion campaigns such as Google Adwords allow seasonal offers and promotions of your products or services to appear in the results of the relevant searches your visitors and potential customers make in just a few minutes.

4. Social Media Marketing.
Another excellent marketing tool is to use social media like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter within the communication strategies to connect and be closer to your visitors and customers on these special dates. With social networks you can carry out campaigns to send offers and exclusive promotions for each season.

However, you must take special care and handle this marketing tool correctly, people hate to be bombarded only by advertising and SPAM, so be modest, social networks are going to communicate, approach and share common interests, not to harass your community or not trying to sell desperately like a fool or crazy.

Use social media marketing to launch a new product or service, submit your offers and promotions, but these communications with your target audience should never exceed more than 20 percent, as your business is at risk of losing confidence, credibility and the good reputation that your company has in the industry or sector to which it is directed within the social networks.

5. Offer Free Wrap.
An excellent way to differentiate yourself from the competition and help close more sales for your business is to provide the free wrapping service. Buy bulk gift paper to keep costs low. You can also use paper with neutral colors, so you can continue to use any paper at any time of the year.

Whatever tools you use on those special dates, you need to keep in mind that you should start by planning your campaign as soon as possible, so you can respond immediately to your visitors and customers when they are looking for what they need or want.

Prepare in advance the strategy you will use to take advantage of the opportunities to get more sales for your business that offer you the different months of the year. Whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or any other special date of the year can be a very important time for your clients and it’s a good time to connect genuinely and emotionally and make them smile. Omar Jareno.

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Omar Jareno is a SEO specialist in London with more than thirteen (13) years of experience in online store design and development with the support of a multidisciplinary team of Professionals from the UK. If you need help with SEO, web design, social media marketing, email marketing strategies, or content development to successfully take your business to the internet, contact him through this website.

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